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E-Payment Receivables Financing

New Concept Of Funding Solution

Flexible And Fast Funding Solution

You can obtain funding and flexible repayment schedule from our E-payment Receivables Financing for your business with your future cards sales if your business accepts online payment (Paypal, Stripe, Apple Pay, etc), EPS, credit cards, Octopus card and/or mobile payment etc. for payment.

Financing can be used for any business-related purpose, such as business expansion, shop renovation, purchasing equipment, increasing stocks, marketing promotion and/or buying shareholders’ shares etc.


Alternative to Bank Financing

“E-payment Receivable Financing” is not a Loan, but cash in advance for expected turnover, of which using the businesses’ “future” E-commerce estimated sales to cash in liquidity. There is no fixed payment amount. Payment will be deducted at an agreed percentage of your daily e-payment transactions after you got financing from funding sources.

There will not be any extra charges even your e-payment transactions went down. E-payment Receivables Financing is more easy and flexible. The amount of funding is based on your business’s credit card or e-payment transaction amount.



We understand some of you, such as restaurants, retailers and beauty centers, may not easy to obtain bank loans or any other conventional financing. Our E-payment Receivables Financing can provide flexible financial solutions for small business as long as your business has e-payment transactions or credit card sales.



Application of E-payment Receivables Financing is quick and easy. You may receive the fund in 2 business days after providing all the required documents. Clients from different industries use our E-payment Receivable Financing to expand their business, purchase equipment and business acquisition.

Easy To Apply

Comparing with traditional bank loan, application and payment method of our E-payment Receivables Financing is more easy and flexible. The amount of funding is based on your business’s credit card or e-payment transaction amount.


Help Your Business Grows

A fixed payment percentage will be set after reviewing your recent credit card or e-payment transaction data and future sales predictability. There will be no more worries about your next payment as our E-payment Receivables Financing takes payment at a fixed percentage on your daily sales until paid in full. Easy and fast funding solution helps your business go far.

How It Works


Step 1

Provides financing to buy future e-payment receivables from Merchant.


Step 2

Customers spend and pay by e-payment methods.


Step 3

E-payment transaction amount will be sent to the Receiving Bank.


Step 4

The e-payment transaction amount will be split at an agreed percentage.


Step 5

Funding source will receive the "split amount" of e-payment transaction.


Step 6

Merchant will receive the e-payment transaction amount after deducting the "split amount".

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